Daniel James

Daniel James

Sunday, 12 May 2013

'News' round up!

Upcoming events include:

  • Report on progress of oral hisories
  • Translation of some of Daniel James's poems
  • A feature on Mynyddbach Chapel
  • July 10 - viewing of animation at Mynyddbach Chapel
  • Information on the exhibition at the Waterfront Museum in September

Animation Workshop

The animation company Turnip Starfish http://turnipstarfish.com/  has recently made visits to the three schools involved in the project - Tirdeunaw, Bryn Tawe and Gwyrosydd.  Nick and his team, along with the children, have been working really hard in bring the story of Daniel James to life.  I was lucky enough to pop into Gwyrosydd School on 10 May to see 'work in progress'.

It was a hive of activity, the children enthusiastically setting up scenes to be animated with the Turnip Starfish team guiding and advising along the way.   The atmosphere was full of excitment as clips were viewed and it was a fantastic opportunity for the children to work as a team, using their own artwork to create a film.  It was enjoyable observing their actions as they devloped an understanding of the technical skills needed in the creative industry.

There is still quite a bit of work to do as Nick and his colleagues have to cut and edit  the output and record the music and voices to the film.  They are going to visit Bryn Tawe again in order to record the soundtrack and to complete this part of the work.

I am sure that all of the children have enjoyed the experience.  They will be part of the audience on July 10 at Mynyddbach Chapel to view the finished work!