Daniel James

Daniel James

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Premiere meeting

Great meeting in preparation for the premiere of the animation this evening!  Getting excited...!  Just need to prepare for our presentation now...no pressure then :-)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Planning Meeting

We are having a planning meeting today to prepare for 10 July.  We need to 'tweak' the programme, focus on our presentation and discuss other 'important points' relating to the evening - so keep watching!

Oral History

Bev and I recently spent an informative morning with Ivor Williams of Treboeth Historical Society where we discussed the origins of the Society and Ivor's involvement, personal and local history and of course Daniel James.  This was the second oral history we have completed plus we have some written memories from Alan Beddoe highlighting aspects of life at Mynyddbach.  In due course we will spend some time transcribing and summarising this information along with that provided by Miriam Evans.  There are also some other people who we are going to speak to and who knows what we may find out!